\"\"  Smart Card for Vehicle


In the present day scenario with the increase in the usage of two and four wheelers documents forgeries are on the rise. People are acting smarter to cheat the concerned authority. To, overcome this we, at JMN INFOTECH have designed a system which is the "Smart Vehicle Solution".
We have unveiled SMART VEHICLE solution aims not only at curbing down time and increasing efficiency but also at the refining entire process resulting in a sleeker customer experience and enhanced productivity.
Each automobile owner will be given a smart card for each of the vehicle. This smart card will contain following details:

  • Ownership Details
  • Chassis no, Engine no.
  • Sales Information
  • Free E-Service Coupons
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Warranty information
  • Vehicle maintenance history
  • Parts replaced history with serial no.

»  Process Flow of Smart Card Issuence:

Stage I :

Once the customer arrives for a new car purchase, the dealer will issue him the smart card which would include the following details

Card Includes,

  • Customer Details
  • Vehicle Details
  • Service and Maintenance Details and schedule
  • Loyalty Programme
  • Warranty Coupons

The information would be at once sent to the company server as well as stored inside the chip in encrypted format in the smart card.
Stage II:
Once the car comes for a routine service check up. The service personnel will authenticate the card details with the company server. The following details could be updated in the card.

  • Free E-Service Coupons
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Warranty information
  • Vehicle maintenance history
  • Parts replaced history with serial no.

Stage III:
All the loyalty programmes and marketing effort of the company could be added to the Smart card. All the details such as

  • Addition of Loyalty points.
  • Redemptions of points.
  • Gifts & freebies.
  • Discounts.

The Smart vehicle management solution would act a bridge between Dealers & customers. All will have a complete transparency on the activities.
The same card will act as a job card during servicing. With the help of this card, vehicles can be tracked during its servicing process wise, which will indeed help in improving the efficiency in the process. This will act as a catalyst for CRM. Loyalty programs can be incorporated with the same smart card. This will act as a potential link between Manufacturer and customer via the Dealer.
The card also embeds a warranty module which acts as a proof and record of warranty for various parts. It helps in streamlining the claim processing.
The company can forecast the spares requirement in the service network. A study of early worn out components can be done and essential steps can be taken for the product improvement. This system will reduce counterfeiting spares in the supply chain to a great extent by authenticating them. This will enhance brand value and customer satisfaction to a great extent.
This system hence refrains the customer from the head ache of preserving various documents and assures him of authentic spare parts and immaculate service.
Presently, a substantial quantity of time is exhausted when a customer visits a service station for the following actions:

  • In the making the registration
  • Waiting for the service advisor to inspect car
  • Waiting for the examination records
  • Waiting for the preparation of material and equipments
  • Waiting for the reports to reach the customer
  • Waiting for the invoice

Advances in implanted smart chip technology applied to credit card-sized plastic smart cards provide the only viable platform to ease these known problems in the automobile service industry.
User friendly and loaded with flexible report generation options, Smart Automotive Solution is a complete smart card based solution that offers the following: