Job Card Opening

RFID technology is not just there to tags books and other library assets; it will provide a comprehensive route for enhancing all library services and upgrade operations for everyone concerned with the library.

Solution details: With RFID applications in libraries, all the library assets, namely books, manuscripts, CDS, DVDs, videos, audio cassettes, etc. have to be embedded with RFID tags. The RFID readers and antennas are placed conveniently where library users will have maximum access. In addition there has to be computers that are managing and controlling all the library activities.

Thus, in a library, an RFID system consists of:

A smart label or a tag.

Smart Card contains all the necessary information like Chassis no., Engine No., VIN Number, Customer Contact Number, etc.

Job card can be opened electronically.

Productivity can be accounted of each and every bay.

Real time job card status updation.

Service due follow up.

Job card closing billing.

Can be integrated with any DMS or ERP software.


Vehicle service record on smart card. Even if the server is down.

Creation of a paperless and fully integrated customer service station.

Easy selection of Service required and routing of the service to the designated bay electronically.

Creation of Vehicle details service records in a Database.

Management Information regarding the Vehicle service records and station operations.

Use of modern technology for Customer Satisfaction and efficient operation of the station.

Improved service efficiency.

Ease of registration and transfer of vehicle information.

Smart cards provide a secured and quick recognition of vehicles and provide a handy database means to store information.

Smart cards shrink delays, curtail redundancy and improve productivity and efficiency of the overall process.

The cards will be updated with the latest service records at every visit and also provide a cumulative summary of activities ¯Membership details, Cumulative spending, etc.

By placing the card to the reader, the service details can be quickly recovered from the database without any manual operation.

The list of available services for each type of card and facility to select the service is easily provided.

Each customer will be provided with a Smart Card that will have unique information about the individual and his car to be used to get all kind of services .

The minimum information available on a card will include:

General Inspection Information.

Vehicle Data.

Inspection Stages.

Description of all Service.

Service schedule.

Past Repair order.

At the Service Center

A Desktop PC or Kiosk with a Smart card reader will be available.

Customer can present his card and automatically retrieve the service record of the vehicle or select the service menu.

Customer can directly choose the services required and view the current status of the Membership.

Information related to the Customer will be displayed on the Computer, details of free services pending, etc.

Based on the selection made, the application automatically dispatches the service request to the appropriate service bay.