Loyalty Management

Smart card contains a chip that securely stores data, such as customer information, service schedule, Loyalty related module, Service productivity overview, vehicle access control and so on. Unlike Magstripe, chip-implanted smart cards require log-in access and are resistant to the presence of other magnets or magnetic strips. Furthermore, they can be personalized with your customer´s information.

The information collected upon registration and consequent activity at your dealership helps you to better plan your marketing initiatives, and improve your capability to target key customers, send service reminders, or determine the success of your automotive marketing campaign.

Customers earn points for parts & service transactions, and redeem them towards their next service.

Your customers will each have their own personal web page ¯ an excellent channel for them to monitor their activity, while providing you with a communication portal.

Studies reveal that only 15% of a typical dealer´s customer base remains loyal to them after 5 years, loyalty becomes a key competitive advantage.

JMN Infotech Loyalty provides a customer loyalty solution for the automotive industry that operate an electronic smart chip based card. Our solution helps dealers retain their existing customer base. Our motto is: Customer retention as Your best customer is the one you already have.

The Loyalty Smart Card program enhances your marketing initiatives by distinguishing you from your competition and giving your customers a reason to return to you. Accumulating loyalty points from each service or parts transaction provides the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your dealership. Since they can only collect their points at your dealership, the likelihood is much greater that they will keep coming back to increase their points balance ¯ and eventually redeem them towards their next service, spares or accessories purchase. Satisfaction is no longer the acceptable benchmark of customer service. Satisfaction is no longer the adequate measurement of customer service success.

Loyalty Marketing is certainly not reserved for auto dealers. In fact, it has become one of the most heavily studied marketing initiatives from decades.

Automobile Loyalty provides a customer loyalty solution for the automotive industry that utilizes an electronic smart chip card. It is backed by comprehensive software support by us. Automobile Loyalty specializes in helping dealers retain their existing customer base through loyalty programs.

Loyalty Software at Dealer´s end

Our company is constantly looking to evolve and seek out the very best in Retention and Loyalty methods. Luckily, because of the massive exposure and research in the arena of Loyalty Marketing recently, a host of new and exciting technology solutions are on the horizon. We are currently looking at some dynamic partnerships in this area and will be adding more information shortly