Nowadays, crimes always occur. This scenario not involves by adults only, but also happen to children. Parents concern more about serious cases such as missing children and abduction. The crime also involve by school children have been reported in newspapers. Although the school have guards that posted on school grounds 24 hours a day, that simply not enough to monitor the student. To overcome these problems, the authorized need to provide additional security measure.

Children who travel to and from school by themselves without monitor by their parents are exposed to danger along the way. Besides that, parents usually received late information if anything happen to their children such as accidents or involved in criminals.

Typical Structure of a RFID System

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What is RFID based School Management System (SMS)

School Management System is a combination of different kinds of comprehensive software and hardware which works as an automatic attendance system for students and school. Additionally it works as a tracking system for parents of students through sms facility whenever student reaches to any of the strategic locations like school bus, school main entrance, classroom, canteen etc.This provides an additional trustworthy high end security system not only for students and parents but also for schools to build a brand in such a competitive era.

Solution Process flow of school management (Different steps of the solutions)

Boarding the school bus:

This is the first step where system starts functioning. The moment child boards the school bus fitted with RFID reader, It records his/her presence in the bus along with location and time.

Entering the School Premises:

The moment bus enters the school campus, the system automatically registers the entry of students inside the bus. But once they enter the school building then only it marks them as present in the school.

Tracking inside the school campus:

The movement of student is recorded at all sensitive points inside the school campus with time stamp.

Leaving the school Premises:

At the end of the day when students board the bus again to go to their respective homes the system marks the exit of students as they are leaving the school campus.

Disembarking the Bus:

When student get out of the bus at his/her bus stops. The system marks it as end of the day for the student and records this event with time and location at which student has gone out.

Features and Benefits of SMS –


Accurate Student Attendance .

Automatic Attendance Collection .

Daily Absentee Report .

Automatic SMS alert to Parent/Guardian of absentee student .

Monthly attendance Register .

Yearly attendance Report .

Bulk SMS facility for special events and announcements .

RFID options for young kids .

Mobile attendance data collection and reporting .

Meal Monitoring .

Robust employee attendance system .


Keeps an eye on each student for their movement inside the campus

Very low "Total cost of ownership" (TCO)

Sends SMS to parents when student enters the school premises and when he/ she leaves.

Generates alert when a student disembarks the bus at wrong location.

Generate alerts when a student is found at a nonsecured area where he/she is not suppose to be.

Generates different kind of reports for the school to analyze various aspects of student performance.

Better student attendance management.

Less administration work.

Better accounting of students whereabouts during school hours.

More parental involvement in ascertaining student presence in schools.

Improves students attendance ratios.

Better staff attendance management.

Student Tracking

Library Management

Cafeteria Management