Patient Health Card / Cash Card / Debit Card

Reember the last time you or a loved one had to be admitted to a hospital?

Remember the frustrating delay in admissions while you answered questions you had already answered for your doctor?

Did you ever wonder what could happen if you accidentally gave a wrong answer or forgot something important because you were stressed?

For these, and many other situations, the new Patient Smart Card is a smart, convenient and affordable solution.

You choose what information goes on the card, and you control future access to the card. That way, your privacy is protected.

The large storage capacity of Patient Health Card and its excellent processing capabilities make it an ideal choice for implementation in health care systems. A health system based on smart cards offers considerable benefits for all involved¯patients, service providers, and health insurance providers.

What is there on the Card?

Patient Personal information.

Emergency contacts.

Medicines/Prescription information.


Medical History.

Primary & Referring physician information.


Guarantor information.

Advanced Directives.

Special requests/pastoral care requests.

Organ donor information.

Caregiver notes.

Audit information.

Custom fields.

Benefits for Hospitals.

Enhance patient loyalty and improve patient relationships.

Speed up registration with less paperwork.

Improve communication and information sharing between points of care.

Let patients view and update their medical information online.

Convert paper records to digital format.

Reduce erroneous and fraudulent registration information.

Track and log with all changes to the patient´s information.

Comply with rules about information portability and privacy.

Maintain patient confidentiality using the best information security technologies on the market.

Benefits for Patient

Patients can access their healthcare information online and are better informed.

Gives patients control of their medical information.

Patients have added assurance that their personal information is released on a "need-to-know" basis.

Reduced waiting and duplicate paperwork during registration.