Retail Anti Theft-EAS

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An electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system is an antitheft technology that is proven to protect merchandise against shoplifters. Small security tags, applied to high-theft merchandise, alert retailers when shoplifters try to take stolen items through electronic sensors at exit doors. EAS systems provide a good deterrent against casual theft. The occasional shoplifter, not being familiar with these systems and their mode of operation, will either get caught by them, or will refrain from stealing.Types of EAS systems are available with us.

There are three types of EAS systems available with us, namely –

EAS –RF based on radio –;frequency.

EAS –AM based on Acousto-magnetic.

EAS –EM electromagnetic.

BOM for EAS Anti –theft Project –

Disposable labels – Disposable paper tags and labels are available in many different types –pressure –sensitive labels with simulated bar codes, tags or labels that can be imprinted with price, inventory, promotional data.

Reusable hard tags –Probably the most familiar reusable tag is the hard, plastic tag (known as an alligator) attached to most apparel and armed with an almost impossible to defeat locking mechanism. This off-white, pin-connected tag requires a special detacher unit to remove it.

Deactivators –The type of electronic deactivator depends upon the kind of EAS system and tags used by the store. With the growing use of source tagging, proximity deactivators, or verifiers that don´t require contact with a label, are more popular. Barcode scanners (with EAS functionality) are now also available that read & de-activate labels at the check–Tout.

Detachers –To remove most hard tags, a detacher/releaser is necessary. Today´s detachers, which basically unlock the tags, are designed so that they cannot be copied or purchased by shoplifters. Some detachers are hand–Theld others are fixed –most are simple devices with no moving parts, which make them very durable.