Almost all business facing challenge to manage and search the assets. Such challenges creates expensive delays, stoppage of work, impacts on work timeline etc. Organizations are managing the assent on excel sheet using serial number tags or tracking with barcode labels. With RFID based system asset tracking can be done automatically. With this system assets movement also can be tracked.


  • A single, web-based interface to deploy all hardware and software inventory and IT asset management processes
  • Asset data audit, tracking
  • Tracking of all hardware and software assets within a single database
  • Asset tracking throughout the lifecycle including move, add, change and delete (MACD) activities
  • Online, always accessible vendor, service and maintenance contracts ensuring
  • accurate tracking of financial and service impacts of asset changes
  • Details on discovered software applications including software category and threat level


  • Reading multiple tags at once, without requiring line-of-sight between the tags and scanner. One employee could inventory an entire room full of equipment in a matter of minutes.
  • Critical service information can be stored on the assets themselves, enabling more accurate asset life cycle management.
  • RFID tags can be integrated with sensors and GPS technology to provide asset condition data, in addition to location information.
  • By integrating the solution with a wireless LAN, assets can be identified and located remotely in seconds.
  • Real time inventory management with very less efforts and time.