Why Tally On Cloud

No Backup

Fully customizable automated backups at regular intervals reduces your burden of maintaining backups

100% Protection from
Malware & Virus Attacks

Our Cloud has updated firewalls/IDS applications to detect and block unauthorised intrusions.

Massive Savings on
Tally License Fee

There is only one centralized tally for all your offices, no separate tally licenses are required.

Accessible on all
devices worldwide

The tally is on cloud, hence, it can be accessed from multiple devices across the world at the same time.

Real Time
Work Syncing

Tally Cloud facilitates real-time syncing of entries done by team members sitting at diPerent locations.

IP Restriction

You can allow certain lPs from which the Tally can be accessible, this would prevent the access of Tally from Unknown network.

Compatible for all versions

Whether you are using Tally ERP 6.x or Tally ERP 9, our Cloud is compatible for all your Tally versions.

No Hardware Required

You do not need to maintain servers at your o2ces to store data.

Guaranteed Cloud Uptime

XCELLHOST guarantees 99.9% uptime to ensure that your Tally works seamlessly without any interruptions.

Tally On-Premises Vs TaICloud

Benefits of Tally Clouds

Tally On Cloud Security Features