JMN HRMS is comprehensive, customizable workforce management solution for small and medium businesses. We help you improve effectiveness and help you to take better decisions across all your key HR and payroll tasks. JMN HRMS is designed to help organizations maximize their return on employee investment (ROEI) and support business decision making.

The Advantages

Centralized System
- No need of maintaining separate applications
Authentication & Authorization
- Role based access control for authorized access
No Multiple Systems
-One stop solution for all organizational needs
Avoid Costly Data Duplication
-Single point data entry
Cost Savings
-Single platform and vendor

Recruitment Management

  • Add Recruitment Requests
  • View Recruitment Requests
  • Search Available Employees for the Service Request
  • Manage Applicants
  • Add Prospective Candidate Details
  • Interview Schedule
  • Record Interview Feedback
  • Management approval and Offer Generation

Employee Management

  • Permanent (On Roll)
  • Contractor (Casual)
  • Registration of single employee
  • Bulk Import of employees from Excel spread sheet
  • Search employees with keywords from the database
  • Maintain change history
  • More than 20 different sections for employee registration
  • Various dashboard reports

Attendance & Leave Management

  • Attendance software linked with Payroll
  • Configurable shifts and allocation
  • In/Out time recording with Bio-metrics system.
  • Integration with email system
  • Defined approval process for leave.
  • Auto Leave calculation along with carry-forward leaves
  • Update/Cancel Leave request
  • Various dashboard reports

Travel Management

  • Travel Planning for Employee
  • Expense definitions for domestic and international travel
  • Send Travel request for approval
  • Travel Settlement with expense details
  • Travel Report Submission

Performance Management

  • Employee Goal and KRA Setting and reviews
  • Employee annual/quarterly/half-quarterly Appraisal
  • Configurable and associations based appraisal cycles
  • Performance evaluation
  • Attachment of appraisal with Payroll

Training Management

  • Employee Induction and Training will be scheduled and managed.
  • Allocation of Employees for Training
  • Service request flow training participation
  • Training feedback and employee skills management.


  • Record Employee resignation or termination with Supervisor and Employee feedback
  • Clearance

Medical Insurance

  • Insurance policy definition and management
  • Insurance policy association with designation/department
  • Claim request approval and settlement
  • Linking with Payroll for settled claims.

Work Injury

  • Insurance policy definition and management
  • Insurance policy association with designation/department
  • Claim request approval and settlement
  • Linking with Payroll for settled claims.

Asset Management

  • Asset registration and inventory management
  • Asset request and allocation
  • Asset return and acknowledgement
  • Asset damage linked with Payroll

Payroll Management

  • Configurable employee and employer Earning and Deductions formulas
  • Configurable pay cycle (not restricted to 1 to 30/31 days of the month)
  • Fixed or variable payroll processing days (30 days, 26 days or Weekly Off Included/Not Included options)
  • Flexibility to attach grade wise or employee wise earning and deduction head
  • Flexibility of Organization, Department, Grade or Individual salary structure
  • Minimum Wages, Zone, Schedule Of Employment (Industry) wise base salary calculation
  • Provision to allocate earnings/deductions across the organization, department etc.
  • Single click Organization Payroll processing
  • As of date Attendance and Payroll analytics
  • Pay slip generation in PDF format
  • Summary reports for PF, PT, ESI, LWF, Monthly CTC, MIS in excel, PDF, CSV, XML
  • Comparable profit and loss summary
  • Consolidated Pay Register and Wage Register
  • Bank instructions for salary credit
  • Summary report of amount disbursed through Cash and bank deposit
  • Salary Processing
    • Input information for all newly joined employees and resign left employees
    • Create payroll for on roll employees and for casual employees
    • Salary on Hold & Freezing of Salary in case of Termination of Employees
    • Process by Exception - you only need to enter Pay and/or deduction information when there are changes
    • Pro-rata calculations for employees based on Absenteeism
    • Process & Print Pay slips for groups or for selected employees
    • Salary processing duration is flexible
  • Salary disbursement
    • Direct deposit
    • Cash payment
  • Tax filing
    • Calculation of taxes as per norms are be configurable
    • Tax filing forms can be incorporated as per requirement
  • Wages, Over-time, Food allowance, travelling allowance etc. can be set or configure as per company terms.
  • Pension fund and gratuity fund management and calculation
  • Configurable income tax structure