JMN Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in RFID, Smart Card based solutions ,GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solution. Using wireless technologies, system provides real time tracking details of vehicle/ Heavy Machinery. Advantage of modular, flexible and scalable architecture cater the customers' demand. Devices are in-built map give the rich GIS features and comprehensive management reporting.


  • Minimize the paper work & manual intervention
  • Secured management of the Vehicles remotely
  • Helps to understand the utilization of vehicles & their productivity
  • Helps to cross check while making payments to drivers based on the Trips claimed, Hours on duty etc.
  • Brings substantial reduction in maintenance costs
  • Geo Fence as a delivery proof
  • Trip analysis
  • Back end integration with customer network
  • Ad Hoc report generator providing unlimited reports functionality
  • Improved customer service
  • Automated administrative function


  • Real time monitoring will be possible
  • In case of non availability of network the Tracker is capable to store data in its local memory for up to 15 hrs. Depending on the vehicle movement status.
  • Internal Battery Backup - 3.6V internal battery for backup up to 6 Hrs. in absence of Vehicle Main 12/24V battery.
  • Geo-fencing - User may draw a boundary at his desired location and able to get alert through SMS upon entering or exiting from this boundary
  • Configurable via SMS - User can change the location data update rate, user mobile no., digital outputs etc. by sending corresponding SMS.
  • Over Speed Alert - User may set speed limit(ex.: 80Km/hr.) from his web site control panel against each vehicle separately. A SMS alert will be generated if the vehicle runs over this speed limit(ie.80Km/hr).
  • Tampering Alert - A SMS alert will be generated if the main power cable is removed.
  • Ignition On/Off alert through SMS - User may get a SMS alert each time whenever the ignition is turned On/Off.
  • AC On/Off alert through SMS - If this feature is enabled, a SMS alert will be generated each time upon turning the Air Conditioner On/Off.